Safeguarding ecological functions across transport infrastructure,
October 21 – 24, 2012 in Potsdam-Berlin, Germany

For the third time, IENE invited decision makers, scientists and engineers, practitioners and stakeholders to discuss and develop solutions to safeguard biodiversity and attempt ecologically sustainability despite the current plans on upgrading transport infrastructure.


The conference in 2012 put a particular emphasis on the EU initiative on Green Infrastructure and the “No Net Loss” concept of the EU council. Participants of the conference were further asked to adopt the IENE 2012 Potsdam declaration on an integrative European Defragmentation Programme proposed by the IENE Steering committee.

Thanks to all participants, keynote-speakers, session and workshop leaders and to the organisers of the field excursions, the IENE 2012 international conference on ecology and transportation who was a highly informative, successful and pleasant event.  

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IENE 2012 Programme & Book of Abstracts

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