Main Topics

Green infrastructure – concepts and implications for the transport sector

The European initiative on Green Infrastructure is much more than an attempt to secure habitat corridors for wildlife. How does it relate to expanding transport networks and what are the possible implications for infrastructure planning?

Single-species versus biodiversity approach in mitigation planning

Many wildlife mitigation measures have been designed for one or a few larger species only while being inadequate for the majority of wildlife affected by infrastructure. How can we address a greater diversity of species and why is this so important?

Best practice in mitigation – experiences from monitoring and evaluation studies

What is the state of the art in mitigating the impacts of traffic and infrastructure on biodiversity? Existing guidelines may be out-dated and field experiences illustrate new and more efficient means.

Vision 2050  – the ecologically sustainable transport system

How do we envision an efficient and environmentally adapted transport system that integrates landscape ecological values, habitat connectivity and biodiversity concerns with traffic safety, social and economic constraints?

The limits in mitigation

Not every impact, intrusion into natural habitat or loss of connectivity can be mitigated or compensated. How great an impact are we willing to accept and when should ecological concern overrule demands for new and upgraded infrastructure?

Public awareness and education

An often underestimated factor of success in mitigation planning is public awareness and participation. How can we increase this and promote a greater interest in biodiversity and landscape values?

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