Keynote Speakers

Richard Forman

is the PAES Professor of Landscape Ecology at Harvard University. Often considered to be a “father” of landscape ecology and of road ecology, he also helps catalyze urban-region ecology and planning.
Prof. Forman presented his ideas on a new system for transportation.
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Gudrun Schulze

is a Senior Policy Coordinator in the European Commission, Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport, Brussels, heads the Task Force on Green Corridor Development for the European Mobility Network.
Ms Schulze presented the European Commission’s vision on the future development of the EU’s transport and transport infrastructure policies.
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Marco Fritz

is bio‐geographer working in the European Commission as policy officer within DG Environment’s biodiversity unit. He is responsible for shaping the EU strategy on Green Infrastructure. He is also working on the knowledge base data on land use changes, for elaborating policy recommendations on how to secure the sustainable land use within future European policies from the biodiversity and ecosystem point of view.
Mr Fritz presented the EU perspective and strategy on Green Infrastructure.
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Marita Böttcher

works at the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation and is responsible for the development and implementation of concepts to avoid or compensate for impacts of road traffic on landscapes and biological diversity.
Ms Böttcher introduced the German defragmentation programme, presented its implementation and future strategies.
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Heinrich Reck

is a senior researcher and lecturer at the Institute for Natural Resource Conservation at Kiel University, Germany. He works with spatial environmental planning, applied animal ecology and the interface between those disciplines.
Dr. Reck highlighted the necessity and the means to include biodiversity concern in the planning of fauna passages and green infrastructure.
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Edgar van der Grift

is a senior research scientist at Alterra, Wageningen University and Research Institute in Wageningen, The Netherlands. His work focusses on the assessment of the impacts of habitat fragmentation on wildlife populations and the effectiveness of measures that aim to reduce the negative impacts on wildlife.
Dr. van der Grift discussed why and how monitoring should be mandatory for any exploitation project.
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Rodney van der Ree

is Deputy Director at the Australian Research Centre for Urban Ecology in Melbourne, Australia. He works with quantifying and mitigating the barrier effect of roads on the movement and dispersal of wildlife, and studies the effectiveness of possible remedies.
Dr. van der Ree talked about why and how field experiments should be integrated into road projects to increase knowledge about effective mitigation.
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