Richard Forman



is the PAES Professor of Landscape Ecology at Harvard University, where he teaches ecological courses in the Graduate School of Design and in Harvard College. His primary scholarly interest is linking science with spatial pattern to interweave nature and people on the land. Often considered to be a “father” of landscape ecology and of road ecology, he also helps catalyze urban-region ecology and planning.  Other research interests include the netway system for transportation, which he will present in greater detail at the conference.

Professor Forman has authored numerous articles, and his books include, among others, Landscape Ecology (1986), the award-winning Land Mosaics (1995), Landscape Ecology Principles in Landscape Architecture and Land-Use Planning (1996), Road Ecology (2003), and Urban Regions: Ecology and Planning Beyond the City (2008).

Professor Forman presented his ideas on a new system for transportation under the IENE 2012 Main topic  
“Vision 2050 – the ecologically sustainable transport system”.

The Netway System for Transportation

In collaboration with Daniel Sperling (from the UC Davis) , Forman outlined a promising transportation system for the upcoming era after roads and cars. The netways solution addresses many major goals of society:  restores and reconnects nature, improves safe and efficient mobility, uses renewable energy and no fossil fuel, emits no unhealthful pollutants or greenhouse gas, and enhances market gardening and recreational trail networks near cities and towns.

Read more at the: (Forman, R. T. T. and D. Sperling.  2011. The future of roads: no driving, no emissions, nature reconnected. Solutions 2: 10-23).

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