Gudrun Schulze



Senior Policy Coordinator in the European Commission, Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport, Brussels, heads the Task Force on Green Corridor Development for the European Mobility Network. This Task Force addresses all aspects of sustainable infrastructure development, including resource-efficient planning and implementation, environmental and climate protection, service-based optimisation, preparedness for new generations of vehicles and innovative propulsion technologies, equipment with intelligent transport systems or the linkage of long-distance and urban transport. The trans-European transport network (TEN-T) – foundation of the Green Corridor development at EU level – is being reshaped to pave the way for Europe’s transport infrastructure development until 2050. Integrating all modes of transport, tackling physical, technical and operational gaps, enhancing Europe’s connections with third countries, incorporating infrastructure performance and strengthening implementation tools, the new TEN-T policy framework provides a forward-looking basis for sustainable transport infrastructure development.

Working in the European Commission since 1994, Ms. Schulze has held different positions in the field of the TEN-T which have included leading the team preparing the multi-annual programme for EU funding 2007 – 2013 and leading the Task Force on the TEN-T policy review. Prior to joining the Commission, Ms. Schulze worked in the German public service where she dealt with infrastructure planning and intelligent transport systems. Ms. Schulze holds a university degree in transport engineering and completed postgraduate educations in international relations and economics.

Ms. Schulze presented the European Commission’s vision on the future development of the EU’s transport and transport infrastructure policies. She provided a detailed overview of the new legislative proposals on TEN-T policy which are currently discussed by the European Parliament and the Council. In this context, she expanded on measures contributing to sustainable transport solutions. She also recalled the process leading to the new policy proposals which have involved a broad consultation with stakeholders, including environmental experts.  Finally, she outlined the Commission’s ideas on how the new policy should be implemented in the most effective way and how a broad range of actors can take an active part.

More about TEN-T policy:

Ms Schulze addressed in her presentation the IENE 2012 Main topic of “Vision 2050 – Towards an ecologically sustainable transport infrastructure.”

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