Marita Böttcher


Marita Böttcher

works at the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation in the section responsible for intervention regulation and transport route planning.

In her particular field of work she assesses the impacts of road traffic on landscapes and biological diversity and is responsible for the development and implementation of concepts to avoid or compensate for e.g. fragmentation impacts. A particular focus in sustainable biodiversity conservation is currently placed on the large-scale and integrative safeguarding of ecosystem functions across transport infrastructure and the integration of wildlife over- and underpasses into the natural landscape by modulating the immediate surrounding of these crossing structures and securing wildlife access to habitats further afield.

An important element in these efforts was the development of a defragmentation programme across the borders of federal states (Länder). Ms Böttcher initiated and scientifically supported the research and development projects required for the programme. The projects constitute the scientific and technical basis for  the Federal Defragmentation Programme. Together with the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Planning, The Federal Transport Research Centre (BAST) and associations such as the German Hunter’s Association (DJV), the Nature Conservation Union (NABU) and the German Automobile Club (ADAC) she also worked on the administrative preconditions for the introduction and implementation of the programme.The Federal Cabinet adopted the Federal Defragmentation Programme on 29 February.

Ms Böttcher will concentrate her work on the effective implementation of the programme as it pertains to cooperation with the Länder, the co-responsible Environment and Transport Ministries and the associations involved. She will be involved in monitoring the effectiveness of the measures taken and their long-term incorporation in regional planning. At the same time she will participate in the development of guidelines and standards which will be derived from application-oriented research projects to support practical implementation of defragmentation measures.
Marita Böttcher is a member in the inter-ministerial working group on defragmentation, the IENE steering committee and the Research Centre for Road Traffic and Transport (FGSV) working group responsible for amending the German guideline on the implementation of wildlife crossings (MAQ) in the light of recent scientific findings.

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Marita Böttcher gave an introduction to the German defragmentation programme, presented its implementation to date and the strategies for the future which were closely based on the technical basics contained in the Federal Defragmentation Programme.

Ms Böttcher addressed the IENE 2012 Main topic
Green infrastructure – concepts and implications for the transport sector”.

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