Edgar van der Grift


Edgar van der Grift

Dr. van der Grift works as a senior research scientist at Alterra, Wageningen University and Research Institute,Wageningen, The Netherlands. His work focusses on the assessment of the impacts of habitat fragmentation on wildlife populations and the effectiveness of measures that aim to reduce such fragmentation and increase habitat connectivity, e.g. the establishment of landscape linkages, ecological corridors and wildlife crossing structures at roads and railroads.

For more information about Dr. van der Grift at Alterra.

Dr. van der Grift explained why monitoring of mitigation measures should be mandatory for any exploitation project. He presented adequate techniques and guidelines that could help to overcome typical failures in monitoring studies.

Dr. van der Grift and Dr. van der Ree both addressed the IENE 2012 Main topic
Best practice in mitigation – experiences from monitoring and evaluation studies”.

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