Rodney van der Ree


Rodney van der Ree

Dr. van der Ree is Deputy Director at the Australian Research Centre for Urban Ecology in Melbourne, Australia. He works with quantifying and mitigating the barrier effect of roads on the movement and dispersal of wildlife, and studies the effectiveness of possible remedies.
Read more about Dr. van der Ree at Melbourne University.

Dr. van der Ree talked about approaches to incorporate experiments into road projects. He discussed examples of different types of experiments (ranging from tests of minor mitigation measures to road-project full-scale experiments) and explained what lessons could be learned from these. Well designed experiments could be crucial for the development of effective remedies.

Dr. van der Grift and Dr. van der Ree both addressed the IENE 2012 Main topic
Best practice in mitigation – experiences from monitoring and evaluation studies”.

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