Poster awards

All participants were invited to vote for the best poster of the conference – with regard to clarity of message and content, inclusion of scientific and practical perspectives, layout, and theme.


The three IENE 2012 Poster Awards were given to:

1) Herman Limpens, Marinus-Jan Veltman, Jasja Dekker, Erik Jansen, Hans Huitema: Bat friendly colour spectrum for artificial light.

2) Misako Noro, Fumihiro Hara, Toru Hagiwara, Mitsuo Hatshiba, Katzuya Ikeda: Prevention of deer-vehicle collisions by using the sound produced by tires passing over grooved pavement.

3) Sandra Magro, Sara Bachiller, Sara Correa, Juan Maria Arenas, Rocío Torre, Miguel Angel Casado: Litter decomposition process in embankments under Mediterranean conditions.

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